The National Flood Insurance Exchange™ (NFIE) serves as an online marketplace for flood insurance carriers, coverholders, and clients to connect through an independent and privately owned flood insurance specialty brokerage firm– FloodSmart Insurance Inc., America’s oldest and largest “independently owned” specialty flood insurance Agency.

The NFIE was created by FloodSmart to meet the needs of everyday people in an ever changing marketplace. With federal rules frequently changing, flood maps continuously being updated and federal flood insurance premiums skyrocketing with no end in sight, the complexity of flood insurance is now simplified. Through its access to several carriers in the NFIE, FloodSmart is able to provide the most up to date information and the best premiums available nationwide.


The National Flood Insurance Exchange™ is comprised of a veteran team of flood industry experts dedicated exclusively to the placement of flood insurance nationwide.

Our underwriting team will examine your potential risk and shop the markets for you. We will find you the best coverage for the best rates. All of our carriers are A to A+ rates and are lender approved.

Our Team Will:

  • Review your current flood insurance policy for accuracy (if you have one).
  • Examine the current flood rate maps to confirm the lenders zone determination.
  • Look for any LOMA/LOMR filed with FEMA in your area.
  • Review the prior flood maps for possible grandfathering within the NFIP program.
  • Review any support documentation you may have such as elevation certificates or flood proofing documents. Keep in mind that 30% of elevation certificate have errors.
  • We will put all of our findings together and shop both the NFIP and all of our approved private markets.

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