It is important to remember that Flood Insurance is a federal program, not a local or state program.

Unfortunately most local agents are only order takers when it comes to federal flood insurance. Armed with limited knowledge and a need for income they are certainly willing to take you order but when it comes to claims of service they are not helpful.


Don’t let an inexperienced agent be your first big disaster.

Every year we review hundreds of policies for people that have been paying far too much for far too long because no one told them of a map change, including “Their local family agent.”

FloodSmart Insurance is the Nations oldest and largest specialty flood insurance agency. We work directly with the federal governments National Flood Insurance Program and currently service in excess of 20,000 communities in the United States. We service your community.

Our National Strength allows us to provide each policy holder we service with the special tools it takes to get the job done correctly and to continually monitor your flood policy for map changes.

From local Grandfather Mapping Certificates and FloodSmart Map Reviews© to complete zone removal, we are equipped to handle every aspect of your flood insurance needs.