Do One Thing. Do it better than anyone else. For over 33 years, we at FloodSmart Insurance have had one focus, one commitment, and one objective… Flood Insurance. Read More


Knowledge / Experience

When it comes to flood Insurance, don’t let an inexperienced agent be your First Big Disaster. FloodSmart’s single focus on flood insurance is a guarantee that we are home to the most knowledgeable and experienced flood insurance agents in the industry today. Read More

Service / Convenience

Our position as the flood insurance industry leader for the past 33 years, has been built on the idea of putting our customers first, knowing that if our dedication to them is sincere and consistent, then success and growth as an agency will always be ours. Read More

Community Focus / National Strength

It is important to remember that Flood Insurance is a federal program, not a local or state program. Unfortunately most local agents are only order takers when it comes to federal flood insurance. Armed with limited knowledge and a need for income they are certainly willing to take you order but when it comes to claims of service they are not helpful. Read More


Knowing something equals Knowledge / Knowing how equals Technology. Read More

Meet the Management Team

FloodSmart is a second generation family owned insurance agency specializing in the National Flood Insurance Program. Our agency is managed and run by people who have a vested interest in your long term success. We are in all 50 States, and the Territories.

When you talk with an agent at FloodSmart, you are talking with an owner. Read More